Ani Aslanyan

Ani Aslanyan is Head of the Department of Pension and Demography Issues in National Institute of Labour and Social Research of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Armenia.

In this position, Ani’s main responsibilities are:

-       manage and coordinate the department daily work,

-       design and develop methodologies for demography and pension research,

-       to do a research and analyze,

-       data mining and data mapping for quantitative research,

-       making suggestion to public policy makers and etc.

Ani was also involved in different social programs implemented by both the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and National Institute of Labor and Social Research, and funded by the international organizations such as ILO, UNFPA, UNICEF and USAID projects and programs.

She will implement an action plan about interaction between labour market and education system. The aim of the action plan is to create a blueprint for improving the links between higher education and Armenian labour market, by incorporating international experience and ideas. The goal is to improve the diversity and relevance of undergraduate qualifications, offering graduates better access to more rewarding careers and offering employers a wider pool of qualified talent to draw upon.