Adnan Hajizada

Adnan is a Brand and Reputation Officer at BP, where he runs the various external and community development projects which BP funds. He is also the leader of the implementation component of the Free Thought University. In this role he deals with the issues of logistics, organization, engagement and PR. In addition he is a founding member of OL! Azerbaijan Youth Movement.

Adnan has studied Law in Baku as well as studying for a BA in Political Science on a full scholarship to the University of Richmond in America. His work which has perhaps brought him the most notoriety is his extensive video-blogging where Adnan explores many concepts on the state and future of Azerbaijan.

Adnan is interested in learning how BP operates in the UK so he can learn about techniques for increased engagement from both BP employees and the wider community.

His Action Plan is to organise a series of lectures titled: "Free Thought University (FTU) meets the best of UK". Led by experts in fields such as Democracy, Activism, Online media, Liberal Thought and Free Market Economy. Adnan also hopes to facilitate links and connections with these experts which will be fruitful for students in the future.