Farrukh Aliyev

Farrukh is a social entrepreneur who is driven by the societal needs of people rather than by profit. He is the founder of ObaNatur, a start up company which gives small and medium size farmers a platform to facilitate delivery of their products from rural areas of Azerbaijan to markets in the capital city.

Farrukh's day job is Corporate Communications Manager at PASHA Holding, where his communications expertise, focused on building business relations, feeds directly into his work in social entrepreneurship. He graduated in Politics and International Studies from Uppsala University.

Farrukh’s action plan aims at improving the livelihoods and income of farmers in Azerbaijan and the wider region by creating a sustainable value chain for them through the creation of new systems of delivery to market, as well as strengthening what is currently weak institutional capacity. His vision is to kick start social entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan to reduce rural poverty and bring economic growth to rural areas.