Fuad Hasanov

Fuad is the Director of Democracy Monitor (DEMO), a not-for-profit NGO. DEMO monitors human rights developments, carries out humanitarian research and seeks to promote the development of Azerbaijan’s public institutions and the enlightenment of civil society. DEMO is a member of the Human Rights House Network, Youth Human Rights Network, Civil Society Coalition of NGOs, NGO Coalition on Fighting Human Trafficking and the NGO Coalition on Improvement Transparency. It has over 100 volunteers.

One of DEMO’s main objectives is to aid in the development of free and fair national elections. It works to promote democratic values and institutions across Azerbaijan and to promote the comprehensive observance of human rights across many sectors of society. DEMO also works to encourage the relevant authorities to push for further economic development of Azerbaijan, which it believes will bring about greater cultural opportunities and social transformation.

Fuad works to highlight the above issues through monitoring, campaigning, debates, roundtable discussions and free civic education programmes on democratic citizenship for a variety of social groups. In addition, DEMO runs capacity-building courses for new NGOs and young leaders within their field of activity.