Fuad Huseynov

Fuad is the Director of the International Relations Department of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Under Fuad´s leadership the International Relations Department is responsible for strengthening the international image of the Bank, designing and implementing international conferences and workshops, expanding cooperation ties with foreign central banks and donors, as well as ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic partnerships with major counterparts such as the World Bank, IMF, USAID etc.

Fuad´s previous roles have included working as a Programme Manager to the Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan, a Researcher at the World Trade Center Institute in Baltimore, USA and as a Joint Contact Team Programme Manager for the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.

Fuad is keen to explore the perspectives of both public institutions and NGOs in the UK in terms of collaborating with independent stakeholders and the extent to which these organisations can impact on policy making. Fuad´s key aim is to develop a framework on how the public and third sectors can work together for closer cooperation.