Javid Musayev

Javid Musayev is a Diplomat and First Secretary of the Mission of Azerbaijan to the European Union. He works at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Belgium where he is responsible for political, defense and humanitarian issues as well as matters relating to the European Parliament and the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy. He started his career in the International Law and Treaties Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has since worked as Third and Second Secretary to the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe. After a term as Head of the Private Office and Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Javid became First Secretary of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to the Netherlands, before taking up his current post in Belgium.

As a John Smith Fellow, Javid would like to explore the UK’s experience of devolution by looking at the different systems of governance in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. By looking at different models of decentralisation he hopes to see how a similar model of governance could be applied in Azerbaijan.