Narmin Baghirova

Narmin is the Head of the Social Programs Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Ministry, established in 1994, is responsible for the regulation of activities relating to youth development and sports.

According to the statute of the department, the objectives of the department include:

- To implement legislation and state programs relating to youth policy;
- To make proposals to existing legislative acts to improve them and initiate new legislation on youth issues;
- To raise youth awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle;
- To increase youth participation in public life;
- To promote human rights issues among young people;
- To work with young people from vulnerable groups;

Prior to joining the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Narmin was Head of the International Relations Department at the State Committee for Women and Children. She has been a national consultant to the Asian Development Bank on their project ‘Mainstreaming Gender in Poverty Reduction Strategies’. She holds a Master’s degree in International relations from Baku State University.

Narmin is interested in the UK’s youth policy, social services in the UK, and the way in which the UK involves young people in public life. Via her John Smith Fellowship Programme experience and her role at the Ministry, Narmin seeks to further develop and empower the young people of Azerbaijan via the introduction of new state programmes focused on the following issues:

- Increasing youth participation in public life
- Protecting young people from violence and human trafficking
- Raising awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
- Providing consultancy on career opportunities and employment
- Prevention of antisocial behaviour