Mikalai Anishchanka

Mikalai is a Minsk-based international journalist with a vast track record of covering world news for the national media, and Belarusian/ regional developments for foreign media.

He serves as the Director of Press Club, the new type NGO in Belarus aimed at fostering the development of a competitive media market, bolstering professional journalism in the face of today’s many challenges, and building trust among diverse national actors. Press Club’s strategy lies in bringing people—the media professionals on one side, and  think tankers, NGOs, entrepreneurs, different echelons of the government on the other side—together for wide-ranging dialog, which ultimately will promote benefits of positive political and socio-economic transformations in Belarus.

Mikalai combines his full-time involvement at Press Club with working as Belarus correspondent for Anadolu news agency (Turkey), and occasionally serves as a fixer for foreign media outlets covering Belarus and Ukraine.

As a reporter and a fixer, he has worked with a series of world-famous media brands, such as The Guardian, Vice News, International Business Times, ARTE, Anadolu, Canal+, Eurasianet.org, Los Angeles Times, Kommersant, etc.

Mikalai is committed to world class standards of fair and unbiased journalism. His main professional interests lie in bridging the gap in between Belarusian and international touchstones of reporting and eliminating the influence of foreign disinformation and propaganda upon the minds of the Belarusian people.

Mikalai’s overall objective is to provide an alternative source of debate and discussion on daily national news issues to increase the range of opinion and views the public is exposed to. He wants to launch a new programme broadcast live on social media platforms to host open debates with a range of participants from civil society, academia and government that will provide unbiased coverage of national developments representing this broader range of views.