Salome Ugulava

Salome is a Fulbright alumnus, Columbia Journalism School graduate, and is currently the editor-in-chief at Tabula. Salome also teaches at the Media School of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.

Salome received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Tbilisi State University and Master’s degree in Public Administration from Ilia State University.

Her Action Plan is to support and promote the rule of law, good governance and transparency in Georgia through the strengthening of the media. Her goal is to implement an effective strategic and organisational transition at Tabula which will increase its reach and influence, boost its watchdog function on government and hold authorities accountable.  Specifically she wants to look at how the UK media covers parliamentary activity, how to boost Tabula’s social media presence, how to equip reporters to be multi-functional and how disinformation can be countered.