Tamunia Chincharauli

Tamunia is the Program Manager for US Peace Corps Georgia as well as a lecturer at the University of Georgia (UG) and the University of Caucasus (UC). Having been involved with student politics Tamunia started an NGO to help Georgian youth in 2006. Since then she has worked for a variety of charities, as well as working for the government and giving a lecture course on Public Policy Process at UG and UC. She now works for the US Peace Corps where she works on policy development through supporting Georgian NGOs and Governmental organizations whilst also developing policy concepts themselves. She holds an MSc in Policy Studies from Edinburgh University and an MA in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Georgia. Since participating in the JST Fellowship Tamunia has also been invited to work as a policy specialist in the development of a number of research and policy papers relating to public policy and public administration.

In 2012 Tamunia's action plan aimed to promote volunteerism among students in order to motivate Georgia’s youth and encourage their participation in public life.  Since the Fellowship she has developed four projects with youth organizations in Georgia that concentrate on youth and volunteerism. Two of these projects were developed with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and involved developing a volunteerism strategy, conducting workshops and training on volunteer management, as well as supporting organizational development activities to strengthen the capacity of relevant organisations. In 2015 the Peace Corps will be signing an MOU with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, which will help to develop more strategic relations.