Arailym Ashirbekova

Arailym is Head of the Quality Assurance & Strategic Analysis Department at Narxoz University, Almaty. She is a data-driven strategist who leads projects to deliver operational excellence across various sectors. Over the last few years she has become particularly engaged in the development sector with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, education and women’s empowerment in international and local organisations. She holds an MA in Gender and International Development from the University of Warwick. She has recently been conducting research and analysis of the perspectives, needs and values of ‘Generation Z’ in Kazakhstan. She believes that by knowing the new generation better, she can help build new approaches towards improving their educational experience.

Arailym wants to build a new platform for educational innovations in Kazakhstan. Her action plan is to create a website in Russian and Kazakh languages which will give insights into new trends and innovation in education. She also plans to launch a competition, ‘EdTech Hackathon’ for education technology start-ups in Kazakhstan to win funding from industry and to bridge the gap between universities and labour markets. Arailym’s overall vision is to upgrade and enhance university students’ learning experience by using digital learning tools.