Botagoz Zhumabekova

Botagoz is Head of the Division of Urban Planning and Development at the Department of Architecture and City Planning in Astana. She has an MSc in International Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning at UCL.

Botagoz has previously led a team at the Centre of Urbanism, Research and design Institute Astanagenplan, dealing with the comprehensive and systemic transformation of the urban environment. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Hons) from the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia.

Botagoz’s action plan is to increase public participation in urban planning and city design decision making. She has observed that residents' needs are often overlooked and wants to create an interactive tool that enables citizens to see city plans in advance, give feedback and input ideas early on in the process. She predicts that this will improve the sense of community in the area and reduce fears about crime by creating living spaces that meet the needs of residents.