Aigul Adzhieva

Aigul is a TV Producer at NTS TV channel. She focuses on the creation of social commercials and documentaries in Kyrgyzstan. In cooperation with international organisations, she has covered topics such as: bride kidnapping and early marriages, legal aid, migration and the educational system in Kyrgyzstan. This year she began to host a live talk show where she continues to raise awareness about social problems in Kyrgyzstan discuss potential solutions with guest experts.

Aigul has a BA in Journalism and has worked in broadcasting for nine years. She has completed the One Year Academic Program in European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin as well as a Media Co-op Program on the US judicial system. She has also trained in Seoul, South Korea.

Aigul’s action plan is to develop the Kyrgyz media's ability to create high quality and innovative programming to raise public awareness and debate about important social issues, such as the rise of inequality and deficiencies in social security provision.