Akjoltoi Bazarov

Akjoltoi is a Senior Lawyer and Director of the «Larc Kochkor» public fund - a member of the LARC Association of independent public funds. The LARC Association provides legal services to rural citizens and decision-makers via its 12 independent organizations (public funds) and its partners across 27 regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Based at the «Larc-Kochkor» public fund office in the Kochkor region of north Kyrgyzstan, Akjoltoi is responsible for the provision of all forms of legal assistance (to citizens, local government and members of the local parliament), the general management of the public fund and conducting seminars on legal issues.

He was previously a lawyer at the United Nations Development Fund for Women on the UNIFEM project ‘Women's rights to land in Kyrgyz Republic’, and Legal Assistant at the Legal Assistance Centre, Kochkor branch office.

Akjoltoi seeks to empower rural citizens via access to public information and subsequently enabling those citizens to evaluate the work and efficiency of their national and local governments and thereby influencing policy on local and national levels. Although the right to seek and receive information is enshrined in law in Kyrgyzstan, Akjoltoi is keen to ensure that all state and municipal authorities follow the same norms set out in the legislation. He hopes that this will result in the increased transparency, accountability and informational openness of the state and municipal authorities.