Bermet Sydygalieva

Bermet is currently working as a Nutrition Programme Officer for the United Nations World Food Programme.

At the time of her Fellowship in 2012 she held the position of  Strategic Planning Specialist at the Quality Health Care Project /USAID for the Coordination & Reform Implementation Division, Ministry of Health in the Kyrgyz Republic. Bermet is a qualified Neurologist and Manager in Health, and holds an MS in Health Care Administration. Since 2002, she has been closely involved in high level policy issues in health sector reform and development. She has also worked as a Consultant to the Department of Social Policy in the Kyrgyz Parliament; and to a Member of Parliament, and until 2010 was the Chief Specialist of the Health Policy Analysis Department at the Ministry of Health where she was later promoted to Head of the Program Elaboration Department.

Bermet´s Action Plan is focused on identifying the necessary measures to create public-private partnerships in the non-medical services and, while in the UK, she worked with the Ministry of Health to develop her plan. Following the Fellowship Programme in 2012 Bermet was appointed as the leading figure on public-private partnership within the Ministry of Health and she has secured funding from KfW to conduct feasibility studies on the organization of hemodialysis units and the development of a centralized laboratory. An international tender for the feasibility studies was announced in late 2013 but had to be revised and re-tendered in 2014 as a result of new government laws on procurement. The tender is now under consideration. In driving this initiative and using the examples of PPP projects she encountered in the UK Bermet will hopefully be able to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in the Kyrgyz Republic, benefitting both patients and the state’s purse strings.