Mirgul Umetalieva

Mirgul Umetalieva is a Senior Specialist in the Department of Public Investments and Technical Assistance at the Ministry of Finance in the Kyrgyz Republic. Her responsibilities include forecasting and planning programme assistance, and analysing the terms and conditions for loans and grants from international donors such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. She has previously worked as an Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, where she carried out daily monitoring and analysis of the economic sector. Mirgul has an MSc in Management, Operations and Governance from the London School of Economics and previously worked for Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. She also volunteers at the Association of NGOs where she works on projects to help empower women, organising workshops for under-privileged girls.

Mirgul’s action plan centres on promoting more efficient, centralised management of international aid in the Kyrgyz Republic as a means of monitoring the country’s external debt and developing growth. Presently the Kyrgyz Republic has a donor dependent economy, there is no long-term strategy and analysis for investors, and there are too many policies that are not being implemented. Mirgul believes that the reason for this is a lack of government personnel that have Western education/experience, a weak understanding of markets, and low proficiency in English language. As a result they are unable to fully understand the conditions and expectations of donor organisations. She is proposing therefore to establish a team of people with international education and experience to act in an advisory capacity to the Government on financial development and investments - becoming the intermediary between the Government and international investment society. Only when the Kyrgyz government can fully engage with and liaise with donor organisations will they be able to establish a sustainable economic policy for the future.