Timur Shaikhutdinov

Timur is co-chairperson of the public association ‘Civic Union’ and the coordinator of a national network of 28 civil society organisations throughout Kyrgyzstan, the ‘Civic Union For Reforms and Results’. He works with national and international stakeholders to promote responsiveness and accountability in the security sector, primarily by supporting reform of the Kyrgyz police bodies and the adoption of new approaches to community policing, crime prevention and human rights in the police.

Timur studied political science at the Bishkek Humanities University. His professional background includes public service, protection of human rights, conducting research, advocacy and development of legislation and programs on the law-enforcement system.

Timur’s action plan is to strengthen parliamentary oversight mechanisms in Kyrgyzstan, specifically by proposing an effective system of parliamentary oversight of the police reform process. Timur will develop and propose an innovative and effective methodology to ensure proper parliamentary oversight over the implementation of laws in the field of public security and law enforcement.