Alena Arshinova

Alena is the Executive Director of the Transdniestrian International Youth Corporation PRORIV! (Breakthrough!). Founded in 2005, IYC PRORIV! is a social-political organisation that supports a multi-party system, freedom of speech, independent media and a tolerant and transparent Transdniestrian society. PRORIV!’s main goals and activities are oriented around human rights protection, the development of democratic institutions, conflict resolution and promotion of the rule of law. At present PRORIV! has nearly 3, 000 members. The organisation publishes a weekly newspaper, is developing an information-analytical news website, participates in international youth exchange programmes and cooperates with other youth organisations.

PRORIV! is working towards a political settlement in Transdniestria and considers that such a settlement can be achieved by developing confidence-building measures and parallel democratic political systems.