Elizaveta Mamaliga

After graduating the University in 2011 Elizaveta set up the social business, Dulce Plai. She works in the field of honey production, beekeeping, promoting organic and local products. She supports collaboration between beekeepers and other small producers, and actively promotes social entrepreneurship as a way to support sustainable development in Moldova. Since 2014 Elizaveta has collaborated with EcoVisio NGO as project coordinator and trainer in youth development programmes. Her focus is empowering rural youth and encouraging them to become involved in community development. 

Elizaveta's action plan aims to harness an established social enterprise, based on small-scale bee-keeping in the Ungheni district, and create a platform for improving governance in rural areas. Her aim is to create an ‘entrepreneurial eco-system’ to enhance sustainable development, and contribute to sound policies and regulation to support social businesses.