Eugeniu Burdelnii

Eugeniu is Deputy Head of the Foreign Affairs Division and Head of the Interparliamentary Relations Unit of the Moldovan Parliament. At the time of the 2005 JS Fellowship Programme, Eugeniu was a Senior Advisor to the External Relations Department of the Moldovan Parliament. He is responsible for bi- and multilateral parliamentary activity of Moldova: designing analytical and informational memos; consulting MPs; preparing speeches and statements for official meetings; organizing official visits, etc. Eugeniu is also delegation secretary to the European Parliament and the OSCE PA as well as desk officer for Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, China and Czech Republic.

During 2006 Eugeniu studied at Oxford University as a Chevening Scholar, conducting research into how national parliaments adjust to the process of EU accession. He holds a Masters in Politics, Security and Integration from University College London (UCL).