Eugeniu Graur

Eugeniu is the Executive Director of ‘CERTITUDE’, an NGO Center for Assistance and Information of Young Economists. Certitude’s main objective is to develop and support a new generation of young leaders in the northern part of Moldova. It manages a network of volunteer business and development graduates who share their experiences with young people from rural and marginalised areas to help them develop their skills.

As Executive Director, Eugeniu identifies the problems faced by young people in northern Moldova and develops practical solutions to those problems - for example, running training programmes to teach young people how to start up their own small businesses, launching social enterprises, developing and running civic empowerment programs, promoting reproductive health among youth and environmental sustainability. He is also responsible for networking and establishing partnerships with stakeholders in order to develop the organisation’s work.

In 2013, Eugeniu launched the social enterprise ProEcoOffice as part of Certitude's diversification of funding sources strategy, the enterprise involved establiching as office paper collection service and recycling with the aim of generating an alternative source of income.

In 2010, Eugeniu was awarded the Youth Award for Civic Engagement by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Moldova.

From 2006 to 2013 while leading his organization, Eugeniu also worked as a middle-level manager in a multi-national retail business.