Inga Iovu-Litvinenco

Inga is a Senior Expert in the Policy, Strategic Planning and Foreign Aid Department of the State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova.

Inga works to ensure that all national strategic planning documents that are submitted for governmental approval are harmonised with current legislation and provides guidance and advice that ensure that such technical plans are legal and transparent. She also provides training to promote the effective deliverance of national strategic planning documents.

Inga previously worked for the Ministry for the Economy as a member of the Minister´s personal staff, as well as being an active leader of the NGO for young leaders, AIESEC Moldova. She has been part of three coordination teams for national projects aimed at developing pupils and students for the public sector.

Inga´s action plan is to develop a programme which would improve the ultimate success of government policies that otherwise fail due to poor planning procedures and implementation. She aims to do this by promoting better communication between the government and the public through consultations, improving transparency and more accurate and detailed record-keeping.