Liliana Tincu

Liliana is a Senior Specialist in the Public Administration Department of the Ungheni District Council. Her responsibilities include: coordinating the activities of the 33 mayoralties; contributing to the organisation of local councils’ activity; and providing technical and legal advice and support to local councils and mayoralties in order to improve governance and embed democratic principles. 

Since January 2009, Liliana has held the post of interim secretary of the Ungheni District Council and she is responsible for organising the district council meetings, decision drafting and providing juridical assistance and consultacy to district councilors.

After completing the John Smith Fellowship Programme in 2007, Liliana shared the experiences gained in the UK with over 100 NGOs in the Ungheni district and 33 mayoralties through training, press conferences, seminars and round table discussions.

Liliana was the Director of the Centre of Resources for Sustainable Investmentsfrom 2006 to 2009. This job involved facilitating partnerships, providing assistance and consultancy, disseminating positive practices, and informing local public authorities, economic agents and NGOs of potential investments. 

Liliana participated in the development of the Ungheni regional socio-economic development strategy during the period of 2008-2011 and she is responsible for the implementation of actions concerning local governance.