Mihail Salvir

Mihail Salvir is a National Consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova. He supports both government and public authorities to improve policy and implement the National Decentralisation Strategy, a legal framework to ensure local autonomy at a regional level. His expertise lies in public administration, local economic development and strengthening regional authorities. He has consulted on a variety of different programmes, including the Strategy for Social-Economic Development of Gagauzia Region for 2009-2015, in cooperation with Gagauz authorities and the Soros Foundation in Moldova.

Mihail’s Action Plan aims to improve coordination between the autonomous region of Gagauzia and the central authorities of Moldova. He hopes to use his Fellowship experience to improve his understanding of the British model of devolution, focusing in particular on the experience of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly and how this compares to the system of governance in Gagauzia.