Veaceslav Driglov

Veaceslav is a UNC Winston-Salem State University MBA Candidate, Tiraspol City Councilor, Vice-chairman of Tiraspol City Municipal Council Commission on Economic Development and Investments, Board member of the Agency for Investments Attraction and Trade Promotion, Tiraspol Lions Club and Winston-Salem Reynolda Rotary Club member.

Veaceslav has long been involved in public life. He is actively involved in the Tiraspol Lions Club and Winston-Salem Reynolda Rotary Club. These Clubs work on a variety of different public projects and charitable causes, such as raising funds for the reconstruction of an orphanage or a boarding house for senior citizens, supporting schools and needy people. In his role at the City Council Veaceslav works on developing business opportunities for the community as well as pushing for better governance and improved human and civil rights.

Veaceslav’s action plan in 2012 was to implement the introduction of electronic documentation in Tiraspol city council, the linking of housing, welfare, education and other services electronically so that citizens can go to one-stop council shops, the encouragement of growth in SMEs, public-private partnerships and social enterprises, improvement in managing waste disposal and recycling and investments attraction in Tiraspol city development and growth.