Vlada Lisenco

Vlada works for the OSCE Mission to Moldova, Tiraspol Office as National Legal Adviser, reporting directly to the Head of Mission. The Mission’s primary task is to facilitate a lasting political settlement of the Transdnistrian conflict. Its activities cover a broad spectrum of issues including democratic transformation, military security, the promotion of human rights, and methods to combat human trafficking. Vlada is responsible for all the operations in Tiraspol and supervises a team of six.

She works as both a National Lawyer and Project Associate on issues of anti-trafficking and gender and assists in the implementation of a wide range of projects including domestic violence, minority rights, democratisation and migration. In addition, Vlada monitors Moldova’s legal reforms in the field of human rights, and provides expertise on draft legislation. She also analyses actual compliance across the judicial system under the framework of the Trial Monitoring Programme. This initiative closely follows the success of legal reforms immediately after their adoption.

Vlada’s team receives and responds to a large number of cases of unfair treatment against opposition party members. Complaints and petitions come from Transdnistrian region and are dealt with either by investigation by her team, or referral to the appropriate authority. Vlada is also a Professor of International and European Law at Tiraspol State University.