Vladislav Kulminski

In 2013 Vladislav was appointed as the Political Adviser to the Prime Minister of Moldova.

Prior to this Vladislav worked with United Nations Development Programme in Moldova as a Programme Manager for the 'Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme' which aimed to coordinate confidence building measures between Moldova and the Transnistrian region. 

As a John Smith Fellow in 2010 his action plan was to implement a new long-term strategy to help resolve the conflict. In his previous position he was able to do this by coordinating and managing a ‘Confidence Building Measures Programme for Moldova and the Transnistrian region’ in an environment where few meaningful contacts between the sides existed or were functional. He also led a team of sectoral experts in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating joint projects in a range of conceptually diverse areas, including business development, civil society, healthcare, social sector, community empowerment, environment and infrastructure. Through this he was able to negotiate with and involve a wide range of stakeholders, experts and officials from both sides to promote joint programs, remove obstacles to implementation and fine-tune programme activities which would match the development priorities of both sides in this “frozen conflict” environment.

Vladislav previously worked as a Consultant with DFID, managing a project to strengthen the government's capacity to promote a sustainable resolution of the conflict and prior to that, was a Political Specialist with the US Embassy to Moldova.