Alexandr Udod

Alex Udod is the Councellor in the Russian Embassy in London where he is responsible for managing UK-Russia bilateral relations and promoting Russian domestic policy in the UK.

Prior to this position Alex was Adviser to the Governor of Amur Oblast O.N. Kozhemyako. Between 1998 and 2008 Alex worked in a range of areas; sales, an NGO, the army. But in 2008 he started working as "Assistant to the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Amurskaya Oblast". Then in 2011 he became advisor for the Governor of Amur. As advisor to the Governor he focuses on the strategy of foreign-economic activity for the region and helping small and medium businesses to set up close relations with government, foreign potential clients, investors and partners. Alex also spent six weeks in America with the Legislative fellows program where he got to work in the House of Representatives with Congressman Robert Latta.

Alex┬┤s Action Plan is to develop the capacities of the government sector in Russia Far-East in the field of government- private business partnerships. He hopes to be able to implement British government experience and sophisticated administrative techniques he will learn whilst here upon his return to achieve more efficient cooperative work between official authorities, private business and NGOs.