Anastasia Kalinina

Anastasia is studying MSc Human Rights at the London School of Economics (2010 - 2011). Whilst in the UK she volunteers for Amnesty International with their Activism Care Support team.

Back in Russia, Anastasia works for the St Petersburg NGO Doctors to Children (DTC). The organisation was founded in 2001 by physicians, nurses, social workers, and psychologists to provide support to children and families in difficult life-situations. DTC’s mission is to protect the rights of at-risk children and families, and provide them with access to quality social, psychological and medical services. The DTC fulfils this mission by influencing policy and public opinion around the issues of at-risk families and providing access to high-quality medical, social and psychological care. DTC staff are also involved in advocacy for human rights, providing direct comprehensive assistance or access to care for street children, children in institutions, and at-risk families.

Anastasia is Project Manager directly responsible for implementing two main projects. The first aims to reduce discrimination and violence against HIV-positive women in St. Petersburg and ensure their sustained access to treatment, care and support. DTC seeks to prevent the abandonment of children by empowering HIV-positive women and victims of domestic violence, developing their skills in leadership, advocacy and independence.

Anastasia is the originator and coordinator of a project called “The All-Russian Resource Centre for HIV-positive women” which attracted wide media coverage. She manages a team of employees and volunteers who run the centre’s web-site dedicated to problems of HIV-positive women.