Anastasiya Kumaritova

Dr Anastasiya Kumaritova is a Legal Work Executive at the Russian Branch of ‘Evolution and Philanthropy’, a UK-based not for profit organization. Anastasia’s role involves conducting seminars and trainings for legal professionals working in both domestic and international NGOs in Russia, analysing legislation regarding the Russian non-profit sector and providing legal counsel. Anastasia also works with the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, giving legal advice on proposed bills. Prior to her work with Evolution and Philanthropy, Anastasia was a lawyer with the Victoriya Children Foundation. She has an MA in Jurisprudence and a PhD in Not-for-Profit Law. 

Anastasia’s Action Plan will focus on promoting a more permissive legal environment for philanthropic activities in Russia in order to develop Russian civil society following recent constraints in NGO legislation. As a John Smith Fellow Anastasia will explore the legal regulation surrounding funding of not-for-profit organisations in the UK.