Anna Demeneva

Anna is a Consultant for the Ombudsman of the Sverdlovsk Region. She deals with issues relating to international law. This includes providing legal assistance in application to the European Court of Human Rights, providing advice on medical law and the protection of the rights of disabled people and people with psychiatric health problems. 

Anna teaches international law and practice of the European Court of Human Rights at the Urals State Law Academy and is a lecturer at the Humanitarian University (Ekaterinburg), PhD.

She is also a Coordinator of Educational Programmes for the Human Rights NGO “Sutyajnik”. Sutyajnik’s mission is to help citizens and organisations realise their rights as guaranteed in the Russian Constitution and international treaties. It does this by litigating public interest cases, providing education on human rights and informing the public about the mechanisms of human rights protection.

At the time of the 2006 Programme, Anna’s role at Sutyajnik was as a Senior Lawyer and Project Co-ordinator. This involved holding legal consultations and representing people in court. She was also responsible for human rights protection training and co-ordinated a project called ‘Practical School for Young Lawyers in International Human Rights’, supported by the European Commission.