Dina Biygishieva

Dina Biygishieva is a Legal Specialist for the Republican State Broadcasting Company ´RGVK Dagestan´ and a Co-Founder of the Dagestan Regional NGO – the Dagestan Guild of Lawyers. She is a producer of the legal-based television programme The Legal Field. The programme is based on promoting awareness of human rights and legal entitlements in Dagestan that are for the most part unknown to the population. The programme covers current Russian and international legal trends in such spheres as education, social care, migration, advocacy and others. 

For her work on The Legal Field Dina has received multiple accolades from bodies including The Ministries of Justice and National Policy of Dagestan; The Election Commission of Dagestan; The Russian Legal Information centre Garant; the Federal Press Agency and others. Under Dina´s leadership, the RGVK television company has been successful for the past two years in winning competitive commissions for programming on legal matters with a mandate for promoting human rights from 2011 to 2014.

As a John Smith Fellow, Dina´s action plan is focused on researching the mass media´s relationship with Government in the UK in order to implement greater communication between the two counterparts in Dagestan. Dina is of the firm belief that greater democratic freedom cannot be achieved without a respect for a free media from both the government and the population at large. Studying the development of the media in the UK will therefore be key to the implementation of greater transparency through the media in Dagestan.