Ekaterina Krongauz

Ekaterina Krongauz is the Deputy Editor in Chief and Editor in Chief of website for Bolshoy Gorod Magazine. Ekaterina started her career in journalism at the age of 13 when she wrote a column about what it was like to be a teenager growing up in Moscow. Since then she┬┤s moved through a variety of different newspapers and magazines and explored a variety of different types of journalism. Now her focus is on exposing and discussing issues in Russia which are usually not mentioned in the Media, such as access for disabled people, the lack of support for parents who adopt and the antipathy felt between doctors and former drug users with HIV.

Ekaterina believes that one of the reasons many important issues are not discussed in the news in Russia is because the public do not like reading news which evokes fear, depression, guilt or any negative reaction. Ekaterina explains this as being due to many readers having lived in relative poverty earlier in their lives and read the news for entertainment, not for politics. She hopes that over her time in the UK she can discover ways of carrying out constructive dialogue without having her audience switch off.