Gistam Sakaeva

Gistam Sakaeva is the Executive Director of the NGO Doveriye (´Reliance´). Gistam has over 10 years´ experience in program management, outreach and advocacy, social and humanitarian work, and human rights activism. Her focus is on protecting women from violence in Chechnya. Whilst building up Reliance and fighting for women´s rights she has also spoken at various conferences, worked to both raise the profile, and lobby the EU. She has also received the Edmund S. Muskie fellowship in New York for her work on women´s rights, giving her a Masters in Non-Profit Management. She has become internationally known for her work on violence against women in Chechnya and was awarded the 2008 Voices of Courage Award from the Women's Refugee Commission in recognition of her accomplishments.

Gistam believes that current policies adopted in Chechnya purposefully attack Women´s human rights. Examples of women being systematically mistreated form the basis for her Action Plan. As part of a wider project to: ´strengthen the cooperation of NGOs to develop strategies for challenging and changing harmful government policies´ She intends to open a Women´s Club for Change, so as to provide a forum and focus for discussion and planning.