Ibragim Arsanov

Ibragim is a Member of the Public Chamber of the Chechen Republic, a volunteer institution with 25 members nominated by the President of Chechnya and 25 delegates from NGOs. The Chamber works to defend the interests of the general public against unfavourable legislative reform and, in particular, seeks to represent the views of disadvantaged communities. These communities are from marginalised areas who have limited public access to welfare programmes.

On 26th August 2011 Ibragim reopened the Sheikh Deni Arsanov School of Languages and Cultures, designed as an institution of additional, complementary education for the students of secondary schools and universities and was first established in 1904 by Ibragim’s great-grandfather, a well known spiritual and political leader in the region. Ibragim is now an activist of his dynastical network, heading the Chechen branch of a large faith community of Naqshbandia. This community comprises tens of thousands of people in many professions amongst whom Ibragim promotes the JST values of good governance and social justice.