Irina Krylatova

Irina works in the Regional Duma as an assistant of a Member of Parliament. She is responsible for developing and proposing draft bills for national and regional legislation on social and economic issues and on support for small businesses in the Sverdlosk region of Russia.  In 2011 she started working as a legal adviser to the Regional Duma. She advises the Committee of Legislation and Security and the Committee of Municipal and Regional Policy.

In addition, Irina works at the Ural State Law Academy as a lecturer. She currently teaches the courses of Constitutional and Municipal Law and a new course titled  "The Mechanism of Human Rights Defence". Irina is a vice director at the Law Clinic of the Law Academy. In 2011 Irina launched a new project teaching the students of the Clinic to make legal and anticorruption expertize of the bills. Another aspect of the wok of Legal Clinic is provision the consultations and advisory service to the member of municipal organs where Irina is actively involved.   

From the time of the 2008 Programme till now, Irina worked at the Research Institute for Humanities, an NGO which offers training, research and projects in civic education, human rights defence, the provision of free legal advice and English language tuition. The NGO was set up in 1995 and has recently established its own Centre for Legal and Civic Education. Irina is Head of this centre which has five full time employees and fifteen volunteers who work in law clinics around Ekaterinburg.