Liudmila Kotova

Liudmila is the Founder and Chief Executive of the Volgainform news agency. Liudmila founded Volgainform in 1999. Volgainform is a well known and respected news agency based in Samara with a nationwide readership. It collates news and comment from media sources across Russia, and also provides reviews and analysis. As an online service, it provides around 175 stories per day, responds to breaking news and conducts PR projects and advertising.

Volgainform also works for the Russian Federal Agency ‘REGNUM’ which provides news and information to government and commercial customers as well as the media itself. Volgainform operates around the clock to monitor media broadcasts, news agency transmissions and internet websites across the 17 regions of the Russian Federation.

Liudmila’s main aim is to improve Russian media editorial standards in terms of accuracy, timeliness and clarity. She works to oversee Volgainform’s strategic planning and research, and helps to coordinate coverage of media events across the country. She develops contacts with external customers and suppliers, including government departments and academic institutions, and makes visits other regions to build networks. Liudmila has been a journalist for over fifteen years, and wants to use popular media to bring public accountability to governmental systems and drive the development of the national media to become a voice for democracy.