Maria Ovchinnikova

Maria works as a Consultant at the World Bank Development Partners Secretariat for Governance Reforms in Russia. The main objectives of the Secretariat are to strengthen the capacity of the Russian federal and regional administrations in delivering public sector and governance reforms and to provide efficient coordination of donor-funded projects and government activities pertaining to the reforms.
The Development Partners Secretariat also carries out reform monitoring and functions as a resource and analytical centre for the reform practitioners and international donors.

The focus of Maria’s job is on knowledge sharing and analytical services of the Secretariat. She works on content development of a rubric on international cooperation and international experience of governance reforms for the main Russian Government web-site dedicated to public administration reform and is responsible for summarizing and sharing best international practices with the Russian federal and regional counterparts. She is also engaged in a World Bank project aimed at strengthening internal procedures for reducing corruption risks in the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia and works on a project on developing approaches to assessing performance of federal executive authorities. In addition, she takes an active part in the preparation of a training program on performance management for Russian civil servants and of the upcoming interregional seminar on implementation of the national anti-corruption plan.