Marina Troitskaya

Marina is Coordinator of the Ivanovo Regional Bureau of Public Complaints and Proposals of the Chairman of the United Russia Party Mr. V Putin.

The Ivanovo Regional Bureau comprises of 23 district bureaus within the Ivanovo region – an area north east of Moscow.

The Bureau deals with problems and issues concerning citizens in the region. They also monitor the efficiency of the officials’ response to those problems.

There are five key areas to Marina’s role at the Bureau:

1) To develop and manage the 23 district bureaus
2) To ensure the effective functioning of the Deputy Centre – a centre where deputies at regional and municipal level along with two federal deputies and two senators, meet with citizens of the region to discuss problems and concerns
3) To coordinate the functioning of the Bureau within the Ivanovo Regional Duma
4) To manage the interaction of the Bureau with the Ivanovo Regional Executive Committee of the United Russia Party
5) To keep the media informed about the Bureau’s work

The Bureau plays a key function in the operation of the United Russia Party, providing essential feedback on the issues and problems faced by citizens of the Ivanovo region and evaluating the responses to these problems.