Renata Baybulatova

Renata Baybulatova is a Regional Inspector at the Penal Enforcement System for the Moscow Region. She is responsible for analysing the work of penal institutions, which involves dealing with complaints, monitoring of sentences and overseeing programmes for rehabilitation. Prior to this Renata worked as a Senior Legal Adviser to the Management for the Penal System where she supervised the work of legal departments and courts in Moscow. Her expertise, advice and guidance has led to several changes in Russian legislation in accordance with European human rights law.

In Russia punishment has often been given higher priority than correction within the penal service. Although policy is now changing, it is slow. Believing that rehabilitation should start in the prison, Renata’s action plan will promote social work and offer social programmes to prisoners. While in the UK Renata visited the Prison Reform Trust, Penal Reform International, HMP Pentonville and Polmont Young Offenders Institute as well as taking part in a training day at HMP Parc in Wales. Her next steps will be to prepare and publish a policy paper on penal reform and share her ideas with the government and other key stakeholders. Renata will begin in the immediate term to promote volunteering work amongst prisoners. By increasing the role of social work in prisons Renata aims to give higher priority to correction instead of punishment.