Sergey Kiselev

Sergey is Deputy to the Director of the Yaroslavl Region Economic Council. Yaroslavl is a city 200 km from Moscow with a population of 600,000 people. The Yaroslavl Region Economic Council (YREC) is an NGO, uniting businessmen of the region to influence Yaroslavl’s economic policy and to promote regional business development. The YREC has over 200 members from a range of businesses. The YREC prepares recommendations for the government of the Yaroslavl region on economic and industrial policy, attracts investors to the region, and provides expertise for legislative initiatives.

Among the YREC recent activities are:

- the establishment of a Regional Anti-Corruption Committee (jointly with Yaroslavl Region Administration) where business of any size can assert their rights
- the creation of a trilateral commission where regional monopolies (such as electrical supply networks) are required to justify price raises
- the development of the Industrial Code of the Yaroslavl region

Sergey’s main responsibilities are to ensure the sustainability of regional business and industry, to lobby the initiatives and interests of regional business and industry before authorities, and to perform a range of public and government relations activities needed for the regional development of business and industry.

Sergei is also a political consultant and advisor to the deputies of the regional Duma. In addition, he teaches at the Yaroslavl State University.