Sergey Ponomarev

Sergey is an expert and researcher at Our Future, a fund of regional social programmes.  Sergey promotes social entrepreneurship in regions of Russia and is a leading coach at an online school for social entrepreneurs.

Sergey is a graduate in political sciences, is the author of 40 publications and has 13 years’ experience in academic activity.

He has taken part in different social projects and trained non-profit organisations and authorities. He has also worked in the business and journalism industries and participated in elections.

The aim of Sergey’s action plan is to strengthen social entrepreneurship in Russia as a means of solving social problems sustainably by adapting and incorporating UK best practice. He will do this by disseminating information, research and training on the UK experience and policy among the Russian social entrepreneur sector at a regional and federal level, thereby assisting Russian social entrepreneurs to move into new, innovative areas of work, cut costs and increase social impact.