Valery Nechay

Valery Nechay is a Special Reporter at Radio ´Echo of Moscow´, St Petersburg branch, and Director of the Calbert Forum, an in-house research centre of Calvert 22 focused on the role of the creative industrie in regional development. In 2009 Valery instigated an initiative covering trials in the courts of justice. He began by covering cases of public interest once or twice a week, this proved very popular and other journalists were encouraged to report on legal issues. Subsequently, Valery hosted a number of master-classes for journalists in covering court cases. He has covered several significant court cases including: hate crime murder cases such as the Voevodin´s gang case, and the Pussy Riot case relating to human rights abuse. Valery also writes court reports for the St Petersburg based newspaper “Novaya Gatzeta”.

Valery is also an Ethics Committee Member for the Union of Journalists of St Petersburg and Leningrad region. His main areas of interest on the Committee include establishing and maintaining relations between journalists and representatives of the judicial system; monitoring and control of the Freedom of Speech Law and ensuring the ethical practice of journalists while covering trials.

With only 10 out of 200 trials in the city court of St Petersburg were covered by the media in 2011 and many journalists lack training in court reporting. Valery’s 2013 action plan was to increase the levels of court reporting in St Petersburg by training journalists and journalism students. Since June 2013 he has formed a partnership with Herzen’s University where he initially gave regular lectures on the value and ethics of court reporting before handing over to the Faculty of Journalism. Valery has also been invited to several newspapers based in St. Petersburg to give classes on court reporting and is developing a new set of courses for senior reporters. This will be particularly valuable after 2017 when the Supreme Court of Russia relocates to St. Petersburg. Valery has a long-term goal of setting up his own news agency that deals specifically in court reporting.