Viktor Burtnyy

Viktor is an elected Deputy of the Legislative Assemblyof Tyumen, the highest regulatory authority in the region. The Assembly consists of 34 Deputies elected by Russian citizens living in the Tyumen area and the Khanty-Mansy, Ugra and Yamal-Nenets autonomous regions. Deputies are elected for a five-year term and work on a full-time basis. The role of the Assembly is to maintain constitutional laws and freedoms in the region, with the purpose of improving daily life for the local population.

Viktor is Vice-President of the Social Policy Committee. Viktor and his colleagues on the Committee work to enact measures to eradicate poverty and promote inter-ethnic integration throughout the region. Viktor’s work also encompasses the following areas: youth policy, work and employment, social security, education and science, housing policy, public services, demography, culture and sports.

Viktor meets with Tyumen citizens on a daily basis in his constituency in order to analyse the success of recent legislation and communicate the likely impact of forthcoming measures. He participates in the work of the youth chamber and also liaises with the media, and works to bring about greater economic development across the Tyumen region.

In 2009 Viktor entered the staff pool of the President of Russia, the '1000 Presidential'.