Komron Rakhmatullaev

Komron is a private sector consultant for the International Finance Cooperation’s Competitiveness Enhancement Project in Tajikistan. Academically, he has a multidisciplinary background, holding degrees in Economics, Public Administration, Business and Financial Management from universities in Turkey and the UK. Through IFC, he has worked on issues concerning private sector development, investment policy and youth empowerment. He is part of an IFC team that provides advisory support to the government on business regulations reforms.

Komron’s action plan is to co-found an NGO called 'Ilmhona' in Tajikistan which will focus on youth empowerment and participation. The NGO's vision is to use high tech solutions to tackle social challenges and contribute to a digital economy and a focus on STEM education. Komron is looking for innovative ways to engage with and advocate for youth empowerment in Tajikistan.