Oleksandr Karnachev

Oleksandr is deputy head of the tariff division in the JSC “Ukrzaliznitsya”. While his main responsibility is the development and implementation of the tariff policy for the railway freight transport in Ukraine, he also develops the general strategy of the company as a part of the reformation team.

One of the main targets of the reformation team is to implement a modern style of management and reduce the impact of the old soviet-style mentality in a state-owned company. It requires significant changes to the organisational structure, strong communication inside the company and number of key people who will lead the change.

The impact of the activities of the JSC “Ukrzaliznitsya” is huge: it employs almost 300,000 people, transports almost 50 million passengers per year and maintains 58% of the freight transportation of Ukraine.

Oleksandr strives to develop right principles and standards of social responsibility and good governance inside the company. He believes it will unlock the potential of the railway as the engine of the Ukrainian economy.

Oleksandr’s action plan is to incorporate lessons from the UK’s experience of railway privatisation and transformation ahead of a major reorganisation of Ukraine’s railways. One particular focus is the introduction of sound ethical and compliance policies and practice, particularly with a view to improving governance in the freight business. The other area of focus relates to impacts on the labour force as a result of major reorganisation.