Olga Batishcheva

Olga is Founder and Director of the university based Policy Research Centre which she founded in 2006. The organisation brings together the public, policy-makers and academics to create effective, well thought-out policies and to increase the transparency and accountability of government bodies. The main activities of the Policy Research Centre include:

• organising regular forums of public activists, politicians, policy-makers, and scientists to discuss key issues in public policy.
• providing training and expert opinion support to policy-makers on the local, regional and national level.
• conducting public policy research and evaluations
• hosting round tables, seminars and short-term training sessions for the general public, NGO and mass media representatives in order to teach them public policy analysis tools.
• developing and maintaining database of scientific research on important public policy issues.

Olga is a Senior Lecturer at the National University of Ostroh Academy (Ostroh) within the School of Political and Information Management. She has a Ph.D. in Public Administration.