Pavlo Khazan

Pavlo works for the Green Party of Ukraine. He was elected as the Vice-Chair in March 2009. The Party has over 55,000 members across the country and is active in all 27 regions. It seeks to promote good governance and a high quality of life in Ukraine, in harmony with the environment. The Party is not currently represented in Parliament, but has over 500 representatives in regional and local councils. Pavlo advises Party representatives on recent environmental developments helping to build their capacity to develop legislation in conjunction with international law.

In addition, Pavlo works as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Nature Management and Ecology where he analyses data on the environmental impact of contaminated industrial sites. He is a Board Member of the Northern Alliance for Sustainability where he lobbies on behalf of NGOs at the Commission for Sustainable Development, and in his spare time Pavlo works on a voluntary basis as an adviser to the Youth Environmental League of Prydniprovya.