Ali Al Saeed

Ali Al Saeed has over 14 year experience in journalism, publishing, advertising and the media. He is the award-winning published author of four books in English. His work appeared in numerous literary publications.

In 2006 Ali founded Elham, a creative and interactive arts group that brought together artists and created opportunities for them to present their work to a wider audience. Through its annual Arts Festival Elham became a launch pad for many young and up and coming artists of different nationalities, social and educational backgrounds and promoted art in an open, tolerant and inclusive environment. Unfortunately, in 2011 Elham closed down after political unrest began in Bahrain.

It is Ali’s aim to reform the format of Elham as a key factor in the country’s process of healing and reconciliation. He hopes to turn the Elham Arts Festival into an intellectual forum for conflict mitigation; a place that encourages pioneering thinking and effective leadership; an event that could bring together strong-minded people with experience and background in the fields of creative thinking.

In 2013, Ali set up the online, independent record label MuseLand Records to support, promote and develop local musical talents from Bahrain. He also became the first from his country to be selected for the International Writing Program residency at the University of Iowa.