Isa Alaribi

“One of the great challenges in the promotion of human rights globally is creating spaces for dialogues in communities so that a shared voice can emerge. Isa’s project aims to create such a space and to act as bridge within his own community and across the communities of Bahrain.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Isa Alaribi is the Assistant Secretary General at the International Gulf Organisation for Human Rights. He is also the architect of the Bahrain Charter for Peace – which is based on the renunciation of violence and respect for human rights. Isa has previously worked as the Head of the Recruitment Department at the Civil Service Bureau and more recently held the position of Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Financial and Human Resources for the Ministry of Culture and Information. In this role he was responsible for devising policy and providing consultations on financial and administrative matters. Isa has also been involved in a number of high-profile projects, which include organising the celebration ceremony for the tenth anniversary of King Hamad’s rule and preparing the King’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

As a John Smith Fellow Isa hopes to develop a national initiative focussed on resolving sectarian tensions and promoting a cohesive Bahraini identity. His vision for this initiative is that it will promote tolerance amongst the various groups within Bahrain, observe human rights and bring peace.